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Inside Sleeping Beauty castle, you will find a walk through attraction telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. As you reach the top of Sleeping Beauty Castle, there is a door to your right with a knob. If you pull on the knob, the door shakes and voices laugh maniacally. And if you watch the door to the right, you will see the spear of Maleficent’s goon guarding the other side of this door.


The wall to the right of the locker area has several different styles of bricks. Walt Disney used this wall during construction of Disneyland to select the brick styles for the various areas of Disneyland, and the wall was left in its original state after the park opened.


As you peer into the front windows of the Main Street Magic Shop, you will find authentic magic props owned and used by the famous Harry Houdini. These items are on permanent display for the guests to peruse.


Did you know? The Disneyana shop was originally the Main Street bank and was converted to a store after ATMs made money more available to guests. Bank of America worked seven days a week offering Disneyland guests access to cash and Disney Dollars. #Disney #DIsneyland #WaltDisney #MickeyMouse #Disneyana #Christmastime #DCA #WDW #CatherineOlen


Did you know? You can get a birthday phone call from your Disney friends inside City Hall! Just ask one of the cast members. And remember to get a birthday button to celebrate your special day.


Disneyland has its own postal code, 92802. You can mail your post cards from Disneyland resort by dropping them into any of the mail-boxes throughout the theme park.


Travel under the sea with the Disneyland submarine fleet at Disneyland resort. See Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Crush, Squirt and all their friends as you explore the ocean depths and see sunken ships, under water volcanoes, whales and sea life. Be careful or you might see a mermaid or sea monster.


STop by the Mouse Hangover Youtube channel and take a look at the all new Toy Story Diorama window outside the Emporium on Main Street USA at Disneyland. Watch Buzz Lightyear dancing with Jessie while Andy plays with Bullseye. Check out the rest of the gang in this changing window display.


Frontierland gets their Halloweentime decor with this amazing Dia De Los Muertos display of altars and characters for this Halloween season. stop by and get your face painted with a Dia De Los Muertos skull and get your photo ops with these amazing characters. See the pictures at our Instagram Themousehangover


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