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Top ten summer snacks at Disneyland resort 1. Turkey Leg – Bring out your carnivore as you indulge this extra helping of turkey. The perfect snack to bring in the lines as you wait for your next ride, turkey legs offer a great source of protein during your day. 2. Popcorn – Fresh made throughout the theme parks, enjoy this Disneyland classic and collect the amazing popcorn buckets including the classic Mickey shaped balloon or a Star Wars tie fighter. 3. Churro – A taste of Mexico with this deep fried snack. Grab and go while enjoying the sugary sweetness of this treat. 4. Beignets – A little known treat, you will find these authentic Beignets in New Orleans Square. Classic powered sugar can be found year round or enjoy the pumpkin or gingerbread flavors during the holiday months. 5. Chimichanga – A hearty snack, these deep fried burritos keep you going on a summers day. Take it with you as you work your way through the theme park but beware of roller coasters after eating. 6. Tigger tails – Visit the candy store for the classic Tigger tails, marshmallow dipped in caramel cover in chocolate and sprinkles on a stick. Gooey goodness with these adorable nod to the Winnie the Pooh attraction. 7. Hand scooped ice cream – Gibson girl ice cream on Main Street USA offered a variety of cool summer treats with hand scooped ice cream in a variety of flavors in a hand rolled waffle cone. 8. Kitchen Sink sundae – Enjoy this massive ice cream sundae in a red kitchen sink bowl. Pick your ice cream and toppings and take home your kitchen sink as a great souvenir of your day at Disneyland. 9. Corn dog – Enjoy this old fashions hand dipped corn dog from the corn dog cart on Main Street USA. A meal in itself, this treat will keep you on your feet during the summer months while indulging on a little Americana. 10. Classic Mickey Ice Cream bar – the best-selling snack at Disneyland resort, the classic vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate remains to this day the best-selling treat at Disneyland resort.


While going on your journey through Disneyland resort have you struggled to find something? Keep in mind that Disneyland is constantly changing and growing. Click on the QR code at the end of each chapter to get the new content and see which attractions are closed or remodeled. While there may be changes throughout the theme parks, The Great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt will keep you busy with over 1,000 questions about every aspect of the theme parks.


In Fantasyland at the Snow White attration, if you touch the golden apple above the book on the stand, you will hear the cackle of the Old Hag and various other sound effects.


Inside Sleeping Beauty castle, you will find a walk through attraction telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. As you reach the top of Sleeping Beauty Castle, there is a door to your right with a knob. If you pull on the knob, the door shakes and voices laugh maniacally. And if you watch the door to the right, you will see the spear of Maleficent’s goon guarding the other side of this door.


The wall to the right of the locker area has several different styles of bricks. Walt Disney used this wall during construction of Disneyland to select the brick styles for the various areas of Disneyland, and the wall was left in its original state after the park opened.


As you peer into the front windows of the Main Street Magic Shop, you will find authentic magic props owned and used by the famous Harry Houdini. These items are on permanent display for the guests to peruse.


Did you know? The Disneyana shop was originally the Main Street bank and was converted to a store after ATMs made money more available to guests. Bank of America worked seven days a week offering Disneyland guests access to cash and Disney Dollars. #Disney #DIsneyland #WaltDisney #MickeyMouse #Disneyana #Christmastime #DCA #WDW #CatherineOlen


Did you know? You can get a birthday phone call from your Disney friends inside City Hall! Just ask one of the cast members. And remember to get a birthday button to celebrate your special day.


Disneyland has its own postal code, 92802. You can mail your post cards from Disneyland resort by dropping them into any of the mail-boxes throughout the theme park.


Disney has officially released the movie trailer for "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" due to release in 2017.


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